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Sustainable green marketing

Since the 20th century, the level of productivity has been improved unprecedentedly. However, along with the great development of economy, some negative effects are increasingly evident, such as the explosive growth of population, overexploitation of natural resources and massive discharge of pollutants. In this form, green marketing becomes an important measure of sustainable development strategy and will become the mainstream of marketing in the 21st century.

The role of green marketing in sustainable development

1.It is conducive to the product to gain a competitive advantage over competitors in the market
2. It is conducive in reducing costs and obtaining higher profits.
3. It is conducive to the implementation of the internationalization strategy.

Our companygreen marketing strategy

1. Develop 4PS of green marketing and open up innovative ideas for the era of green market.
Develop green products in terms of product strategy, use alternative raw materials in production, reduce energy consumption and save resources; Use recyclable packaging in packaging; Set the price of green products in terms of price. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, consumers' concept of commodity price will be coordinated with their consumption concept. Therefore, marketing green products not only make profits, but also gain an advantage in the peer competition.

2. Effectively carry out green services and management systematically.
Green marketing should establish a green service channel. Thus, the dissemination of green consumption concept will reduce green consumption misunderstanding; The professional point of view shall be used to solve the problems of consumers in green consumption.
Only through the implementation of green management, the establishment of green development strategy and the formulation of green marketing plan, will accelerate the  formation of a green enterprise culture. The promotion of green technology in production to meet the public's needs for green product is the realization of social and economic sustainable development.
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